Solana 101 is compatible with both the Highway 101 Corridor Specific Plan Zoning and the Climate Action Plan. No exceptions have been requested.

Building Heights – Although the current ordinance allows 3-stories and 35-foot building heights, all buildings at Solana 101 are one and two-stories. 85% of the project is under 27-feet, which is the typical height for a two-story building.  All buildings that front Highway 101 are one-story with two-story buildings set 40 to 60-feet back from the curb.

Building Density – The project’s gross square foot density is under the maximum allowable building area by code. The project’s building footprint covers just 62% of the site, leaving quality open space and landscaping to be enjoyed.

Parking – The project is fully parked onsite with 366 parking spaces.

Climate Action Plan – Concentrating commercial, mixed use & residential projects along main transit corridors and near activity centers that are already served by public transit and alternative transportation modes (biking, walking) in the city reduces commuter trip distances, thus reducing Greenhouse gas emissions. Solana 101 meets the goals of the Climate Action Plan.

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