Dear Honorable Mayor and Councilmembers,

I am writing as a of Solana Beach to state my support for the proposed Zephyr project Solana 101 at Highway 101 and Dahlia Drive.

I am in support of the project for the following reasons:
Please select as many as you wish

The project has been designed in a way that I feel fits within the Solana Beach where I live and that I love.
The project's sustainable features such as renewable solar energy and promoting alternative means of transportation agrees with my views on sustainability and protecting our community and planet.
The project is a missing piece in connecting Highway 101 north to south and activating the pedestrian bridge over to Cedros.
The project promotes walkability in Solana Beach.
The project evidences that the developer, Zephyr, has listened to the voices of Solana Beach and designed a project that fits within the fabric of Solana Beach.
I like how the project frames outdoor spaces to promote community and conversation.
I am excited to see the empty lot finally developed with a great project.
I like the project's architectural character, which is in compliance with the City's required development codes and parameters.
I am excited to have new places to eat and shop in Solana Beach.

I urge that you vote in favor of approving the proposed Zephyr project.